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Arzak: an excellent example of success of Basque cuisine

enero 7th, 2014 · No hay Comentarios

As Staff Sexenio says in his post “Arzak: el ícono de la nueva cocina vasca”, restaurant “Arzak” is one of the most important and meaningful symbols of Basque gastronomy in the XXI century. From generation to generation, this family has achieved to save traditions of Basque cuisine and to modernize it. Now this restaurant is internationally well-known and it has formed part of the list of “The world`s 50 best restaurants”.

All began in 1897. It was growing little by little, and, as Oraitz García Redondo says in his post “Arzak, único en el mundo”, this restaurant has been gaining popularity step by step and now is one of the best restaurants of the world due to its high quality, innovations, traditions and originality of its cuisine.

In 2013, Ametsa, a restaurant of Juan Mari and Elena Arzak established in London, achieved the first Michelin guide star for United Kingdom and Ireland. Mixing traditions of Basque cuisine with innovations in technology and gastronomy, this family has achieved recognition of Basque gastronomy all over the world.


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