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Julius Caesar, by Paco Azorín

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As Paco Azorín claims, The Tragedy Julius Casear can be seen from more than one point of view. Paco Azorín is the well-known director of the  Julius Caesar theater play which can be seen in Barcelona.  In the play, there are represented most of the main elements that Shakespeare insert in this work: conspiracy, crimes, honor, patriotism, love and envy. The director Paco Azorín shows us the different views of this tragedy. It can be seen as the bad management of the public power by the men,  as the importance of love for people… to discover more different points you will have to go to the theatre!

In this play, the actors are Mario Gas, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Tristán Ulloa, José Luis Alcobendas, Agus Ruiz, Pau Cólera, Carlos Martos and Pedro Chamizo.  These actors represent the elements of Shakespeare´s work very clearly.  If you are interested in this Shakespeare´s work,  I hardly recommend you  to see the theatre play.

It would be easy and quick to learn something about this work. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar was written in about 1599 and it is based on a real character of Rome. The analysed work consists of five acts and the physiological aspect has gained an enormous relevance. If you are interested in more information, this link from “ El Teatro Lope de Vega” will provide you more information:


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