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Which are the best places in the world to go to visit?

diciembre 26th, 2013 · No hay Comentarios

Here we could learn what reporters as  Itziar Zabalegui say that one of the best places she recommend us to go is, for example Slovakia or Madagascar. She tells us that Slovakia has become one of  the most beautiful countries in Europe to go to visit it:… “A country in history that is made seen in his capital, Bratislava, by his medieval castles that well might form a part of the set of a movie, landscapes of dream in full Alps and traditional homes with histories that to show to the world…”

Also she talks about Madagascar says that, in contrast to Slovakia, is a very exotic place with so beautiful views: “Madagascar, probably for his distance, is a destination little visited for the Spanish who get lost precious landscapes and experiences beyond the usual. An exotic and autochthonous fauna for the lovers of the nature with species different from the rest of the world for his isolation, national parks and natural reservations. Besides a landscape replete with coasts virgins, reefs of corals, volcanic craters, peoples with his traditions..” Descubre los mejores destinos para visitar en 2013 (2012, Nov, 19),TEINTERESA (2012) Itziar Zabalegui.Retrieved 12:39, December 26, 2013, from:

However we can read different opinions and we also can see opposite points of view, reporters like Iván Gil tells us what he likes,as Abu Dabi. “Abu Dabi, increasingly glamorize the capital of the emergent homonymous emirate, possesses already four daily flights from London. The interest of more than 18.000 polled ones of this city has remained clear with the results as surprising as that the Brazilians prefer this city of the Gulf to his native Rio de Janeiro or classic others as London or Los Angeles”He tell us that nowadays is increasing the visits to this kind of countries” :Las 10 mejores cuidades de mundo para viajar, vivir y hacer buenos negocios( 2013, Sep.06), El diario de los lectores influyentes (2013) ELCONFIDENCIAL, Iván Gil.Retrieved 12:39, December 26, 2013, from:


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