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Bilbao, the capital of the world.

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The capital is situated in the North of Spain, inside The Basque Country in the mouth of Bilbao’s  Sea Inlet. It is the capital of the province of Vizcaya and has 352.700 inhabitants.  Several years from now, the colors which predominated were sad such as grey in consequence of the abundance of industrialization. Among these last years, Bilbao has changed drastically. It is the perfect place to travel to for the tourits, firstly, because of its small size that allows to be visited in a few days, and secondly, for the reason that there is something to  visit in every single corner. Nevertheless it is the Guggenheim museun what attracts the most in the city, moreover, it is the reference point of Bilbao. It was built by Frank Gehry and represents an incredible example of the most avant-garde of the XXth century. To know more about this museum you can visit its main page which contains every single details of this arquitectural work:



A part of the fantastic buildings, reataurants, monuments, comercial centers etc… the good environmet present in the city gives more magic to it, they are nice people known as loyals and lovers of Bilbao who feel that Bilbao is the most beautiful and best city all over the world, because of that, the “Bilbainos” call it “The Capital of the World”. The gastronomy is other component which contributes to make the city more atractive the tipycal dishes are “Bacalao a la Vizcaina, Bacalao al Pil-Pil, Marmitako and Talo with chistorra”. The last one is very common to eat in the most famous week of the year which the “Aste Nagusia” is celebrated.

To sum up, I would like to mention an important personage of Bilbao who, at the same time is the Major; Iñaki Azkuna. He revitalised the capital and thanks to his labor and the progress made he has achieved the title of the best major in the world.

Yo creo que las banderas han traído muchos problemas en este mundo. Y las banderas, en general, han sido motivo de confrontación más que de unión. Por tanto, si de mí dependiera, yo no pondría ninguna. Así de claro. Yo tengo la mía, pero es personal. ¿Que bajo una bandera se ha unido gente? Sí, pero enfrentándose a otros.”     By: Iñaki Azkuna.

Do you want to know more about Bilbao? Visit this Main pages where I have taken information:


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