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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Doctor Leon Eisenberg, the man who discovered for the first time the disorder of deficit of attention with hyperactivity, has confessed months before dying that this disorder was “an excellent example of a disorder invented”. So this invented disorder was created to sell pills. Leon Eisenberg said also  that “the genetic predisposition for the TDAH is completely overvalued”. This confessions were Eisenberg‘s last words in an interview before his death. This interview was published in the German semanal, Der Spiegel, in 2012.

All this statements, have caused an impact in doctors, parents and people in general, because many children are medicated to treat this disorder, in spite of the effects that these medicines have in the short and long term. Nevertheless, alone Eisenberg spoke that in many cases was diagnosing TDAH when it was not.

To diagnose the TDAH, the doctors do not base on a disorder of learning. Problems of attention are in concretely. As for symptoms of hyperactivity, the doctors do not give so much importance to this since they can or not to be present and if anybody suffers it, it is supposed that it is something easy of detecting. This disorder they have not said that only affect children, but also to teenager and adults who have other disorders.

The habitual treatments are based on stimulants, of which very soon was observed that they modify the symptoms. The action of the stimulants, it has been investigated and it has been observed by risks and important complications. Also it is important to observe that an agreement neither exists in the scientific community on the benefits of the therapy with stimulants, there is not even safety brings over of his efficiency. (Diagnostics and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement November 16-18, 1998)

The rejection with regard to this disorder bases the people on several points.

· That has diagnosed to people without this disorder

· That was basing on observations of the behavior

· That this diagnosis can be in use for the control in disobedient children in order that they fulfill the established

· That the treatment is based on drugs with amphetamines that provoke the same side effects that the cocaine and they end up by causing a serious deterioration of the health

For all that, we find with facility arguments in favor of a fictitious disorder, which shows that what is tried is to sell tablets at any expense to obtain benefits, without bearing in mind the hurt that the treatment of an invented disorder it can generate in the health and the longevity of the life of a person.

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