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Giving your business a boost in 2014

enero 13th, 2014 · No hay Comentarios

índiceAndrew Wang claims that “Internet marketing is what you need to start increasing your sales figures”. If you are just starting you have to plan carefully your campaing. As he says, “after all, when it comes to marketing on the web, there are a ton of different choices you can make on how to run your campaign”. So, here you can find some of the best tips to give your business a boost.

The staff writer Elizabeth Kent proposes four ways to improve brands’ strategies in 2014:

1. Diversify Your Social Media Presence

“As single-service networks continue to dominate, it is important for brands to diversify their social media presence and engage with customers across a variety of popular platforms.”, she says. Among the newest networks and social media Elizabeth Kent highlights Vine, Instagram and Snapchat.

2. Share Photo & Video Content

Kent advises to “both increase the amount of interactive content you are sharing across networks and to build your presence on photo and video-specific networks. Jayson DeMers at Forbes predicts that micro-video in particular is here to stay, which means that you should focus your attention on Vine and Instagram.”

3. Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy

“Research shows that businesses that have blogs generate 67% more  leads each monththan companies that do not.” In this point, Kent makes clear that “it is important to make sure that you’re blogging regularly and providing your audience with useful, engaging information in your content”.

4. Focus on Local & Mobile Advertising

Finally, she recommeds to engage customers in a real-time way, by using mobile advertising and to be close to customers when they need so.

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