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The picture of Dorian Gray

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Oscar WildeAlison Flood, a journalist for the Guardian newspaper, wrote an article about the original Picture of Dorian Gray finally published after having been censored for so many years. Oscar Wilde, died in 1900, was an Irish playwright, novelist, poet and critic whose novel The Picture of Dorian Gray was censored for its themes and ideas.

“Revised after it was condemned in the British press over 130 years ago as “vulgar”, “unclean”, “poisonous” and “discreditable”, an uncensored version of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray has finally been published.” Alison Flood

After getting married in 1884 with Constance Lloyd, he had an affair some years later with a man. At that moment, being homosexual was a crime, so he was criticized by many people.

The Picture of Dorian Gray, is the only novel he got pusblished. The main themes of the novel, aestheticism and duplicity, were very progressive for that time, and that was the reason for its censure.

“The time is ripe for the publication of Wilde’s novel in its uncensored form…It is the version of the novel that Wilde, I believe, would want us to be reading in the 21th century… I’m bringing it out of the closet a little more.” Frankel ,professor at Virginia Commonwealth Univiersity

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