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Blogging for a living: not as easy as it seems

enero 27th, 2014 · No hay Comentarios

Choosing to blog is a common decision in nowadays society according to Phil Mershon (2011) but one of the first things that need to be done, according to Brenda Stoltz (2014),  is to seblogging-imaget clear goals for the blog. But it is not always easy to succes as Geof Williams (2013) discovers. It is crucial to have in mind the different perspectives in order to be more likely  to succes on the path of blogging for a living.

One of the main things that could be done in order to be able to succes in the blogger  community is to set the goals to achieve. As Brenda Stoltz declares “you can achieve any of these goals by delivering useful content that your target audience cares about”, so a key to have more readers is to write about topics related to the part of the market you whant to be obtaining money from. Nevertheless, Geof Williams warns de future bloggers that “making a living won’t come quickly” it takes time to be able to create a community of continous readers and that calls the attention of advertisers  Williams also declares that “after finding the advertisers, you’ll need to find readers – a lot of them.”money Because companies only invest on really succesful bloggers that recieve a minimum amount of visitors per week.

Bloging is not exclusively only managing a blog, but other social medias such as Facebook and Twitter might have to be used to create a powerful blog image. Stoltz also clarifies that is not only about writing, but about how often information is shared in the different platforms. Continuity in sharing information, and in supporting the blog with different social media platforms to be able to reach a greater audience.

The main range of the age of bloggers is placed betwen ages from 25 to 34 years old according to the research by Technorati exposed by Phil Mershon. Ther research did not only showed that the larger number of bloggers where betwen those ages, but also the 30% out of the general number of bloggers have college degrees and a supplementary 50% have start or completed graduate degrees according to Mershon, increasing the level of preparation of the bloggers.

Summing up, making a living from a blog is not an easy choice but to be able to succes consistency, powerful topics, patience and a proper education level are features that might help to succes on the attempt of blogingg for a living.



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