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In what ways does tourism benefit a country?

diciembre 24th, 2013 · No hay Comentarios

Tourism has always been a force for economic development and the majority of the cities try to promote themselves in order to have more and more tourists. An increase on tourism implicates an improvement of the wealth of a society.

Mainly, the arrival of new tourists leads to the creation of new businesses and commercial activities. Tourists spend so much money in hotels, restaurants, taxis, shops and entertainment centers like museums or theaters, so tour guides, receptionists in hotels and chefs, waiters and waitresses  will be needed.

Another positive aspect that brings tourism is that the government of a particular country tries to improve the appearance of the city in such a way as building social infrastructure: airports, roads and hotels. In addition, governments try to promote the city on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also very important to have good prices and services.

On the other hand, tourism is a good way for the local people and its culture to be preserved and to survive. So, governments should take care of the local people as a first priority, because sometimes tourists don’t like other cultures and this can be a serious problem.

Nowadays this is a very important factor because of the recession we are suffering, so tourism can be the best “tool” for the situation to get better and to reduce the unemployment rate. Tourism can be a good way of development.

So, tourism can have good effect on the city and its economy, environment and culture if tourists respect the local people and try to preserve their customs.


In this graphic we can observe that Spain in 2004 was the second country who has more tourists. But now, in the following graphic we can notice that the previous year Spain had less tourists rate than other years, because with the recession Spain is getting a poor country and people now prefer to travel to another cities.


To sum up, I wan to show you a video explaining how does tourism benefit a country. Enjoy it!


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