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The Importance of the Promotion Strategy of Natura Selection

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Natura is considered a little, new and young enterprise of bodily health. According to the creators of the company, the idea to create it came up few years ago, when the appearance of the people started to be increasingly relevant. They wanted to do something that never was done until then, so they think in a relatively new issue in the modern world, the physical appearance. Despite their body and cosmetic center took up small and fresh, their birth as body Health Company was really surprising, because nobody expected the success that they had from the very beginning. Therefore, after choose the head idea for one company, the next step is the strategy that they will follow to achieve their aims.


They also sale things of leisure, health, fashion and home in out shops located in several countries. There you can see their articles and offers, instead of going to the shop to buy them. This is a comfortable way to shopping and a different way too. Therefore, most of our customers buy complements so. Not only material things, but also a little bit more spiritual things are one of our specialities. For instance, you can find another service in our business where we are again more in relation with the physical appearance too, giving massages and spiritual rituals and sessions.

As I said they started few years ago, in 2008 in a German petty village. As a rule the new companies usually begin without reputation or with a bad one, which is worse. Because of that fact, all the enterprises have to choose a good strategy for the company development to earn a good reputation, for the benefit and the future of the business.

Thus, they decided to spend a lot of time on thinking which could be the best strategy forthem. As they said in their web page, after almost 5 months finally they had just the main strategy-idea. They thought not only to help fat people as most of this kind of companies do, but they also tried to bear a hand persons who suffer from bulimia, anorexia and all this sort of diet related diseases. They realized that eating disorders are more and more expanded from all over the world. At that time they think:” We have to promote our idea as well from all over the world as the eating disorders are doing. How can we do to promote…?  Why people will choose our company and not the others?”


Nowadays they have the new technologies, and within those the growing social networks. Most companies have many web pages on internet, and many social networks and blogs too. They believed that this strategy will bring something important for Natura, because on internet there are no limits, so you can see for instance their web page, from where ever you stay. Their personal web page contains one part for the images and videos, another place to show and read the opinions of the customers, another one where they share the data and place of the different events they organize, and other sections where links to see more about them on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube are. So their promotion strategy is basically based on the social networks and here there are many aspects of their impact:

                – Twitter: Through the tweets that the customers can read and write is created a new system of communication without having to go to the company. Above all, it´s been used to be in touch with each other and to improve a more personal and closer relationship. This is their twitter profile (@naturaselection).

                – Facebook: Having the chance to upload images, music or videos, Facebook is the most useful one. They promote themselves changing continuously the information the share in their profile. Of course the kind of details in this web page is related with the main goal of Natura, the improvement of the physical appearance and to be pleased with yourself. For example, relaxing music, photos which have a specific meaning or videos where you can see the change of people who worked with them and about the treatment that theycarry out. You also can use this social network and contact with them crating an account in

                – Linkedin: thanks this businesses social network we can look for people who perhaps is interested in working with us. Even this could be from other cities, while they are in another place they have the possibility to work with us, because of this way. The best aspect of Linkedin is the opportunity of create events, interviews or conference, which do that we will be better known.

                – Youtube: Here you can find all the videos that they hang on the net, included the ones showed on Facebook. But all the videos are in Youtube, and surely you will find more interesting videos related with this topic. Here there is a video as example of the promotion Natura make though this network.

All of the social networks they used are expanded from all over the world; this means that not only people of one specific country can see these, as Tuenti in Spain. Furthermore, the web page of Natura is translated into Spanish as well as into English.

It´s clear the reputation is created by the image that people see and have of the company, our digital identity. So they tried to have a good digital identity doing things like events or conferences which increase the interest of people as well as the fact that they are more known. The digital identity is created by the people who are treated in their company and for the parents and friends of these persons. Of course they have to be careful with that, due to the fact that they are constantly evaluating  them and their work.  This digital identity during the days, months and years is always changing, and depend on their behavior.

To improve the identity of Natura they think that the best way is to give the customers what they really want. To know what they best sale, the blogs and the social networks where the customers can write comments and their opinions about them and what they are offering.The influence of the digital identity on the success of the enterprises is almost the main relevant point for the good development of it. So they try to be aware of the tweets, blogs and comments that they share on the social networks.


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