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SAGARDOETXEA: the past, present and future of the exciting world of the apple, the “sagardoa” and its cultural significance in Euskal Herria.

enero 7th, 2014 · No hay Comentarios

sagardoetxeaNext to the Apple Orchard, as it is stated in the blog Kulturweb, it is found the Sagardoetxea museum space, a closed center equipped with all the resources and the most advanced technologies, which through computer panels, interactive material, photos and games the history, will teach and show the past, the present and the future of the incredible world of the apple, the “sagardoa” and its cultural significance in Euskal Herria.

The museum divided into three well-defined sections enables the visitors  get in touch with the apple and cider history, as well as its present situation: firstly, the apple orchard and the press.  Secondly, the museum itself, and finally the tasting centre, as it is stated in the official page of San Sebastian reservas.

But, Sagardoetxea does not only offer the history, culture and nature, but it also puts at your disposal the “sagardoa” in order to be able to be tasted and appreciated in all its nuances. Visitors will learn how to differentiate each of the parameters of this drink, to get to know and to enjoy it.sagarra

Moreover, visitors have the opportunity to be introduced into the “txotx”, so that they learn in advance the rites and secrets accompanied in the tasting of “sagardoa”, such as the way the glass must be held, how to lean it in order to get some good froth or “txinparta”, how to examine and interpret the range of shades in its colour, and to discern its different bouquets.


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