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Basque Country, the gastronomic reference at any level.

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The Basque Country is a gastronomic reference in the world. This fact is not just a generalization, according to Pilar Zorrilla, in the Basque Country there are about 1500 gastronomic clubs and more than 350 gastronomic events and parties which take place every year. Therefore, it can be said that food is a particular characteristic of the Basque society.


Pilar Zorrilla also explains that this Spanish region makes tourists feel part of the cultural experience. According to her, the tourist can take part not only in the sampling of the food, but in the elaboration it. What is more, several surveys show that the “pintxo tours” are experienced by the 80% of the tourists who come to visit the Basque Country.
The fame of the Basques in the gastronomic area is not recent. Highly quealified chefs have been fighting to be recognized and have created the New Basque Cuisine. According to the annual event “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”, the second and third place were for two Spanish chefs, to be more precise the lattest was Basque. Andoni Luis Aduriz showed the position of the Basque Cuisine not only at a nacional level, he sowed that Basuqes are now at the top of the worldwide list.
Referring to restaurants, they can be considered as a living proof of the success. Indeed, Aitor Alonso claims that only in the Basque Country 28 Michellin stars can be found, distributed among 19 restaurants. Four of these restaurants have gained three stars, the maximum category in the area of gastronomy. Taking into account that only 7 restaurants have this position in Spain, it is an outstanding average.
The gastronomic success needs to be mantained along the generations, that is why “The Basque Culinary Center” was created. According to Patricia Rivera, it is the first Gastronomic Faculty in Spain, and the first one in the world which has its own I+D center. The first year started with 56 students (23 from Euskadi, 27 from other regions of Spain and 7 international student) among the 320 who requested the entry.
It can be said that cooking is not popular only among highly recognised chefs and people related to this atmosphere. Antonio Gonzalez tells us about “Masterchef Junior” a tv reality show in which participants as young as 11 are able to cook extraordinary dishes. It is the case of Mario, who won the reality with his dish, named “Cocochas de bacalao al pilpil con berberechos”.

To sum up, all these different areas in which the Basque gastronomy is successful can be regarded as a proof of an astonishing developement of its cuisin at worldwide level.

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