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Where are Earhart, Noolan and the “Electra”?

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What happened to Amelia Earhart? It is one of the biggest mysteries of the aviation, this strange disappearance of a plane with two people that where ending his fly around the world has produce as result some hypothesis.

The real facts are that Earhart and Noolan were flying around the world in a Lockheed “Electra”, when in the third period of the flight (from New Guinea to Howland), they were supposed to land in Howland on the 2nd July of 1937 and follow latter to Hawaii. The plane never landed on the island.

The coastguard that was given communication by radio to “the Electra” said that they where next to the landing place but they couldn’t see the island. Nobody knows why (it is supposed to technical problems) but the radio communications started to fail that day, the last talk of the Electra´s crew was to notify that they were running out of fuel.246px-Amelia_Earhart_flight_route.svg

After losing communications coastguards and land stuff relished that they weren’t going to appear. 10 boats, 65 planes and 3.000 people made a search with no results. The official version said that Earhart and Noolan crashed in the pacific ocean next to the island, but no corpses and no plane had been found.

The unofficial tree theories are:


According to “TIGHAR´s theory” [theory. (2009, Summer). In TIGHAR, The Earhart Project. Summer 2009, from retrieved 2014, January 17th When she wasn’t able to see the island and was running out of fuel, she wrongly change the direction to the south west, looking for Howland island.

Some evidences support this theory: a crash registered before 1939 with two survivors, a man and a woman. And, some pieces of a fallen airplane that where discovered by a Biologist that disappeared in the sea in 2003 after a storm.  TIGHAR is looking for 13 bones that are supposed to be human, they were found on the island in 1940, but they disappeared after being sent to Fiji.


Hypothesis of NAUTICOS and Lynn Jourdan  [Two Thirds of the Search Area Covered (May 16, 2002 ). Nauticos makes progress on Amelia Earthart search from: retrieved 2014, January 17th]

IN 2002, Nauticos president was sure that they were on the way to find the “Electra” and his team has been checking the sea zone in which there is supposed they had crash. They have used hi-technology to scan more than 1600 square kilometers of sea next to Howland, but neither in 2003 neither in 2006 has been find any important evidence or plane remains.


Some people think that they came back to the states with a new identity because they were in love.

But the most probable thing inside this group is the theory supported by Rollin C. Reineck, retired colonel of the USAF, when they weren’t able to go to Howland, the b plan was to go to Marshal islands, that where controlled by Japan. He thinks that the Japanese forces ear the messages and take them as hostages. This was supposed to be confidential of the government and that’s why nobody has found remains or corpses. Ronald Reuther supports this theory too when he told in an interview for national geographic in 2003: << There are still U.S. governmental documents concerning Earhart and her disappearance that are still held secret by our government. Why?>> He is a naturalist and Amelia Earhart enthusiast .


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