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About Vermeer

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Johannes Vermeer, also known as Jan or Johan was born in Delft on 1632 and he was buried in the same city in 1675. He was a Baroque painter who became famous painting everyday scenes of the middle age class lifestyle.

He was not very much known outside his circle probably because he mostly worked “genre painter” . He produced few paintings and he never became specially wealthy, he even left his wife and children debt at his death.

As I mentioned before, he is a painter that was involved in the Baroque period or movement during the 17th century. This period meant a whole change of perspective in the art world, including painting, architecture and sculpture. Baroque art is characterized by great drama, rich, deep color, and intense light and dark shadows. As opposed to Renaissance art, which usually showed the moment before an event took place, Baroque artists chose the most dramatic point, the moment when the action was occurring.

Vermeer is particularly known for his masterly treatment and use of the light in his works clearly showing the influence of this new period called Baroque. He worked slowly and with great care, using bright colours and sometimes expensive pigments, with a preference for cornflower blue and yellow.

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