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Cosmo Jarvis promoting weapons

noviembre 29th, 2011 · No hay Comentarios

Cosmo Jarvis

Cosmo Jarvis follows almost  all of Amy Porterfield’s “7 Facebook Marketing Tips From World’s Top Pros”. We must remember, that even if he has succeded in linking his own web page with his Facebook account, advertising himself in it and, of course, giving his fans a reason to connect, he has not made it in leveraging his friends, therefore, here we have a point which he should improve.  The last tip we have analyzed in this list has been wether if he uploads videos or not. Ekaterina Walter describes this tip like this: “video as a secret weapon to gain fans”. Cosmo Jarvis has realized how important this is to promote himself in this social network, and, uploads relevant videos almost every week.

Therefore, after seing experts’ opinions about the topic, and comparing them to our singer’s Facebook account, we must say, that even if he has to improve several points on it, he is doing it pretty good.

The second “promoting weapon” we have analyzed in our report is Twitter. We have consultated Rich Brooks and Zeke Camusio, whose opinions have been very usefull for our research. Like in the previous case, Cosmo Jarvis follows succesfully some of the advises, and should improive some other aspects. First of all, and if we look at Rich Brook’s article in Flyte, “How to use Twitter for business” . We will realize which of the tips the singer follows, and which one doesn’t. To begin with, it is obvious that he has achieved to communicate with his fans. He answers them, and retweets them. He also posts relevant information (tours, new songs, videoclips,…). He has also linked his Twitter account to his own web page and to Facebook, therefore, and, as we have seen before, all of his web pages, social networks… are linked between them, which, as Robin Mayhall sais, is the idoneous way of improving or promoting ourselfs in the net.

On the other hand, Zeke Camusio analyzes different topics such as not spaming, following other users, being active in the community (commenting and posting frequently), … And, once againg, Cosmo Jarvis has succeded following almost all of them. He should only improve a little bit engaging conversations (retweting more often).

This would be the introduction of our WCP, which, as we have seen will, be focused in how this young singer promotes himself through social networks and microbloging.


Cosmo Jarvis’ main social network pages:

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