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data,metadata,content and meta content

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DATA: data files are the files that store the database information, whereas other files, such as index files and data dictionaries, store administrative information, known as metadata.

METADATA:  DATA about data. metata describes you howd when anda by whom a particular set of data was collected, and how the data is fomatted. Metadat is essential for understanding information stored in data warehouses had has become increasingly important in XML.

CONTENT:Content is in essence, any type pf ‘unit’ of digital information. It can be text, images, graphics, video, sounds, documents…or in other words anything that is likely to be managed in an electronic format. 

META CONTENT:This document provides the specification for a data model for describing information organization structures (metadata) for collections of networked information. It also provides a syntax for the representation of instances of this data model using XML, the Extensible Markup Language.

Some examples that can be used with:

– metadata: audiovisual iformation, geospacial and printed.

– metacontents and metadata: work in digital edition to identify the author, to search for information and to study in depth.


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