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A digital libray is a type of library only accesible through the Internet since they are kept in digital formats. In this case we´ll be accesing to the Early American Digital Library and the UCSF Library, both of them American digital libraries. While the Early American Library is a little bit more specific showing, through different methods, the early history of the country, while the UCSF Libray has different books, journals and documents in its lists. And since this first one is more specific I will be concentrating on that one.

UCSF Library: This library is part of the University of California in San Francisco. It contains many journals, magazines and books. they are divided into sections, not as maps, documents, etc. but as the field they cover such as bussiness education, lay, etc. in each field we can find different books and see if they are available for everyone or just the students from UCSF(university of California in San Francisco)or to the students of all UC(University of California) colleges.

Early American Digital Library:

The Early American Library is an specified digital library that contents different features of the early American history and its charactes. Its portal shows different pictures that can be found inside this web page. In this case they are divided into:

-Places: This section shows pictures of places that were not meaningful as such but wehre improtant people for the time lived in.
.Events: In this application we see more pictures about two crucial events of the American History such as the Boston Massacre.
-Early Scenes: Here we find important events that occured in between 1700 and 1800, also with pictures.
-People: The people that appear in this section where those that helped found the nowadays known USA. Those people are Ben Franklin, General Washington among others.
-Battles:In this section we find pictures of battles such as the Battle of Bunker Hill.
-Military:In here we find different pictures of General Washington with other officials or the camps of Valley Forge.
-Maps: In this section all those maps of the early America are stored.
-Documents: Documents of the country´s founders are shown in here.
-Early-Day Ads: Some newspapers´ads of the moment appear in this section, Those ads came form The columbian Centinel among others.
-Portraits: The portraits shown here are of those improtant people of the Early Ameryca, from Abigail Adams to Thomas Jefferson.
-Order Images:In this last section we find other pictures of the time found int he archives.


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