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El Siglo XVIII

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The French Encyclopedia

It was created almost in a anecdotic way. This 17-volume encyclopedia was edited in Paris, and its main goal was to spread the ideas of French Illustration.

This encyclopedia tried its best to compilate everything that was known so far, using as a method of compilation the research that had been done in order to get all the content they wanted to have in it. It also tried to mark and dignify everything that concerned the mechanical arts, techniques, that intellectuals rejected, and for which the ongly dignity coul be gotten from speculation. They thought the only progress that was useful to reach happiness, was the material one.

Denis Diderot and Jean D’Alembert where its creators. The Encyclopedia is basically marked by the interest of Diderot for technology, even if some pages are inspired by other encyclopedias, and some definitions may seem archaic for the reader.

The Tatler

Richard Steele founded the newspaper known as  The Tatler, and its first edition saw the light on 12th April 1709. Its creator has in mind to offer the readers entertaimnet through its pages. In the very beginning, he included themes that had to do with duels, but after receiving lots of critics and condemnations, he started to publish aa more civilizated material. During its first years of life, the newspaper was mainly written by Isaac Bickerstaff, whose pseudonym was Steele and also by Joseph Addison.

The Spectator

The Spectator was created in 1828, and is by far the magazine which has lasted the most being publicated in English language, since it still is publicated nowadays.

The Spectator is known among other reeasons because of its controversy, and that is something which has not changed no matter how old this magazine is.

It is the English magazine which unites every single week the best criticists, journalists and cartoonists to work for it, do the best research and publish it as controversially as possible.


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