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Human Language Technologies

abril 16th, 2008 · No hay Comentarios

Human Language Technologies is the study of the most complex way of communacition that exists in our planet: the human language, related to the sciences of computational linguistics (or CL) and speech technology including also many applications oriented aspects of them. Language technology is closely connected to computer science and general linguistics. Human Language has been the object of study since many years and from many different points of view, and use of the computer allowed a more profound study, and at the same time it opened new fields of investigation. This was the origin of Human language Technologies

Human Language Technologies process or produce expressions in text and spoken form. This two forms of expressing human language are related by common aspects such as the same grammatic stucture, a shared range of vocabulary, diccionaries… But we must not reduce the capacity of processing of Human Language Technologies or Natural Langauage processing, as these studies are often called, to only spoken and text form. The computer makes us able to use a whole series of possibilities such as combining digital texts with images and sound.This is how Human Langage Technologies include many other technologies such that give us the opportunity to process multimedia documents, giving birth to a new communication age.

Human language technologies have grown in recent years. The actual wide range of applications for HLT systems include: automatic transcription of meetings, traslations between languages, text mining and acces to information through spoken human-computer dialogue. Systems which use HLT are now in everyday use, through technologies such as internet search engines and mobiles phones, and most majors international computer and telecoms companies now invest in HLT research and development.


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