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Human Language Technology centres in Europe

marzo 29th, 2008 · No hay Comentarios

In Euope we can find the Irish NCTE (The National Centre for Technology in Education). This centre was established under the Department of Eduction and Science in 1998.As the Governement’s agency on the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in eduction it plays a central role in helping to maximise the benefits for learners and teachers in useing ICT.

Another center is the Edinburgh LTG (Language Technology Group). It is a resaearch and development group that has been working in the area of natural language engineering since the early 1990′s. The LTG´s work is application oriented.

Finally, the Portuguese center of Human Technology and Bioinformatics of Beira University. It was founded by professor Gael Dias to investigate the areas of Human Language Technologies and Bioinformatics gathering researchers from Computer Science, Statistics and Linguistics.The HULTIG currently focuses its research in the following areas: automatic text summarization, topic segmentation, sentence compression, medical thesauri and dictionaries, automatic construction of ontology, word sense disambiguation, text and mobile technologies, data warehouse, efficent algorithms for Natural Language Processing…and some more.


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