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I will start providing some translation examples by using different MT systems, in this case applied to non-related languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese and Arabic. I will use different MT systems, that will be specified on both my reference page and in the list of sources that can be seen at the bottom of this page. The aim of this activity is not to compare the different MT sites available, but to provide a few simple examples of the applications of this systems to close relate languages and less related ones. For this first examples I have used Bable Fish, the Yahoo translator, to translate some simple words and expressions in English into other languages:  

ENGLISH: sunset – The cat is dead – She is a tall woman with blue eyes

SPANISH: puesta de sol – El gato es muerto – Ella es una mujer alta con los ojos azules

JAPANESE: 日没 –  猫は死んでいる – 彼女は青い目を持つ高い女性である

GERMAN: Sonnenuntergang – Die Katze ist tot – Sie ist eine hohe Frau mit blauen Augen

CHINESE: 日落 – 猫是死的 – 她是有蓝眼睛的一名高妇女

RUSSIAN: заход солнца Кот мертв – Она высокорослая женщина с голубыми глазами

GREEK: ηλιοβασίλεμα – Η γάτα είναι νεκρή – Είναι ψηλή γυναίκα με τα μπλε μάτια

I couldn´t  possibly tell wether the translation from English into Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Greek is correct becausce I can´t speek any of theese languages, but I do find an error in the Spanish translation of the phrase The cat is dead, that should not be El gato es muerto, as the correct phrase would be El gato esta muerto. In the case of the German translations there are no mistakes, as far as my knowledge of this language allows me to esteem. 

The following examples are translations applied to closely related languages, meaning they share the same root (latin) such as Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, or Italian, for which I have used different online translators such as WorldLingo for Spanish- French, Italian and Portuguese  translations and OpenTrad for Spanish – Catalan translations.

SPANISH: ventana – El hombre se sentó en el suelo – Las tardes de verano son soleadas

FRENCH: fenêtre – L’homme s’est assis dans le sol – Les après-midi d’été sont ensoleillés

ITALIAN: finestra – L’uomo messo nella terra – I pomeriggi dell’estate sono pieni di sole

PORTUGUESE: janela – O homem assentado na terra – As tardes do verão são ensolaradas

CATALAN: finestra – L’home es va asseure en el sòl – Les tardes d’estiu són assolejades



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