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Main differences between book and eBook

septiembre 29th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios

We are in the presence of a revolution in the world of the book. The normal book, printed in paper, is being threatened. Is the invention of the eBook the end of the paper book?

The eBook is an electronical or digital version of the paper book. This definiton is nor clear because it can refer to an individual work in digital format or mechanism used to read book in digital format. We have to make a difference between eBook and hypertext. The hypertext  is destined for the structure of the information across links, whereas an electronic book is not any more than the digitalization than a book originally edited in paper.

But what are the main difference between book and eBook? The normal book is easy to use because of the ergonomics of the paper, this does not happen in the eBook because the screen has limits. The normal book can be transportted from one place to another without problems but the eBook has ubiquity. The book is used as a tool for study and the eBook can be used as it too but also as a searcher to navegate in the Internet.

The advantages of using an eBook are remarkables. We do not waste huge quantities of paper. The eBook is digital and we do not use paper because all the information we need is inside it and we see in the secreen. It is a good way to save paper and nowadays this prevention is necessary. If we digitalize the books, we will save paper and space because we will not need libraries. Furthermore, the eBook is dynamic and adapts to the profile of the reader.

This new technology is changing the way of reading and some people are still reluctant to it but we only need time to asimilate it. Personally, I think that eBook is a good invention because saves paper and is attractive for people, so it will catch their attetion.



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