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Networks, Groups and Pages

noviembre 26th, 2010 · No hay Comentarios

In a blog called “Slymarketing”, Jens P. Berget (who writes about marketing strategies) tells how a lot of things are going on in Facebook and that he is having a great time. However, there are some concepst he tries to define and he approaches the following  explanations:

  • Networks: is made up of social networks from schools, work or region. after you registerfor Facebook, you can add any networks with which you can prove an affiliation from the “networks” tab of the acount page.
  • Groups: are for members of groups to connect, share and even collaborate on a given topic or idea. Groups can serve as an extremely effective marketnig tool. Groups serve as a tool for building awareness around various ideas. The key feature behind Facebook groups is the ability to make them “invite only” or limited to specific networks.
  • Pages: in contrast to Facebook groups, wich are focused on organizing aruond topics or ideas, Facebook pages allow entities such as public figures and organizations to broadcast information to their fans. Pages are a tool for companies and public figures to engage their fans and customers.

Different explanations about pages and groups written by Howard Greensein can be found. He is a Social Media Strategy and Marketing consultant. And after comparing what they both have written, it could be said they agree and write similar definitions.

  • “Facebook created Pages when we noticed that people were trying to connect with brands and famous artists in ways that didn’t quite work on Facebook…Not only can you connect with your favorite artists and businesses, but now you also can show your friends what you care about and recommend by adding Pages to your personal profile.”
  • Facebook’s groups are analogous to clubs in the offline world. Administrators can invite members to join via Facebook mail and email, and public groups can be found via Facebook search.


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