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New era of publication: blogs

diciembre 27th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios

Every Internet user is aware of the existence of the blogs. Their use has been growing since the beginning of the new millennium. People seem to use it for many different purposes such as personal blogs, political or even academic.  This blog actually is academic.

At the beginning the blogs were written manually and the HTML code included in the same way. Afterwards, they became more advanced and posts could be written more easily. At this point is when the start their growth and little by little reaching the people at the street. In addition to this growth some legal problems start to happen, the possibility of publish content without confirmation supposed a problem both in academic and gossip world.

Platforms such as Blogger, Word Press or La Coctelera are one of the most important blog publishers in Spain. Content publishing and editing all around the world with just an Internet connection is one the appeals of this new way of publishing and thus the digital edition of texts in order to adapt them to the screen.





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