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Question answering systems (3rd questionnaire).

junio 19th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios

The main purpose of question answering is to answer automatically to those questions which are  made in a natural language.

The search for answers, called in English Question Answering (QA) is a type of information retrieval. Given a certain amount of documents (such as World Wide Web), the system should be able to recover answers to questions raised in natural language.  A system of question answering is one of the most complex systems around the retrieval of information. We must take into account that a system based on the question-answering is much more difficult than a normal system which is responsible for seeking some information in a much more or less large documents, since these should draw from these documents a fragment of text  to respond to a question given in natural language. These systems are closely linked to the seekers web.

There can be two types of questions answered:

  • The first of them are called close-domain questions and can be easily answered because they belong to a topic which can be found on the Internet without any problem.
  • The second ones are called open-domain questions and are harder to answer because they rely on world knowledge.

Even if many questions can be answered due to this system, a hard work must be done in the future in order to be able of answering all of them.




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