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Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio and its criteria about intellectual property among writers

abril 1st, 2010 · No hay Comentarios

Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio was born December 4th, 1927. in Rome, Italy. Afterwards he moved to Spain and lived in between Madrid and Caceres. He is an Spanish writer from the well known 50´s generation. He got the Cervantes prize in 2004 and the National letter prize in 2009. He was a memeber of the National circle of Madrid as same as the founder and co-worker of the Spanish Magazine(Revista Española). Rafael contribuited with one of the best Spanish literature work named Jarama writen in the fifties.

Mr. Sanchez has built up his own criteria about the intellectual property. He talks about money in this criteria, money that writers are willing to earn, he goes against those who just worry about earning more and more money succeeding in what they create. He says that worrying about money is something that edotiors and producers should be doing and not all those writers who should be trying to build up new stories and plots, as much as worried and commited to their audience that are the ones who read those books.

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