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Reasons to study Human Language Technologies

junio 25th, 2007 · No hay Comentarios

Automatic transcription of meetings, translation between languages (e.g.  Babel Fish), automatic answering of questions, text mining or acess to information through spoken human-computer dialogue… Human Language Technologies are everywhere in our society  Mobile phones or web pages use this new technology, “consequently, there is strong demanded for graduates with the highly-specialised multi-disciplinary skills thatare required in HTL applications and as researches into the advanced capabilities required for next-generation HTL system.”

  • “Create sofware products that have some knowledge of human language´´.  As Uskoreit says the most important idea is to create machines which are able to comunicate with people.
  • Having a wide range of areas to work. Also, lots of posibilities of finding a job.
  • “Become acquainted with new technologies applied to natural languages. “This will help the knowledge of the language that you use.

There are much more. For instance, here we have a list of the objectives for our subject on Human Language Tecnologies. The main objective is to create machines that can speak and listen so they can help us to comunicate.


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