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Reasons to study Language Technologies

junio 25th, 2007 · No hay Comentarios

Technologies are becoming necessary in our society more an more and we can find them useful in many fields. Philology is not an  exception, and languages need new technologies too. So, we can find some reasons to study Human Language Technologies. In the following lines I’m going to write some of them.

At first, I have to mention that EUROMAP did a study which has to do with Language Technologies in 2003. If we look at it, we will read that ” HTL thrives in the conditions that support the information revolution – high levels of relatively affordable computing capacity, and virtually universal connectivity”.

In that study we can also read that HLT have brought advantages to Europe. Thanks to new technologies we are able to use many languages in our everyday life, and this “is an increasingly familiar aspect of business, leisure, government and civil society”.

In addition, ”many of the products and services of the information society will be built on core HLT components. The importance of HLT goes well beyond the obvious, and penetrates into the deepest layers of the Internet and the web, where the ability toprocess the components of language – coding knowledge and intelligence into the information infrastructure – will be the basis for next-generation technology.”

But, we can’t forget about the Multilingual Semantic Web, which will be possible thanks to HLT. Accordin to this research, the future internet generation “will embed core linguistic data at the heart of the web. The Semantic Web initiative aims to capture and encode the semantics of all types of digital content, and use that embedded knowledge to enable more predictable levels of interaction between different systems and services.” Finally, I’d like to add that “HLT will be a key embedded technology as next-generation ICT products and services emerge from the lab.”



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