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RSS and Atom Newsfeeds Online

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A web feed, also known as Newsfeed is a system that helps users be unformed of the updates in the webpages of their choice. This appliaction has several advantages. Users have enough privacy, they don´t have to reveal treir email adress to puclib, whenever a user gets tired of a site he or she just clicks on the remove key and the newsfeed is automatically removed.
Really Simple Sindication, better known as RSS is an XML format used to share a web page´s content with other users. The structure of it holds information of the site the user wants to get updates from as long as the news themselves and some other information. This application is found almost in any web side nowadays. RSS This application helps people that use the web frequently to keep informed and updated to those pages they are interested in. It ensures the user´s information´s privacy since the user chooses which sites to add to this application, because it´s not mandatory to have all of them in the user´s newsletter. It also saves lots of time since the user doen´t have to go one by one checking every single site to see the updates.It is a big step in connecting different informations and its access to the users. With this application the users can be informed about anything any time.
There are several antecessors that tried to do what RSS does now, but they didn´t get the same popularity. For example the first antecessor of RSS was created in March 1999 and was called RDF Site Summary, it was created for the portal My.Netscape.Com use. Now it is known as RSS 0.9 .
Anything can be found using this application: news, information, articles, documents,etc.When we get a reader for the RSS we can Check those updates we have selected straight forward and automatically. It is not just that the users can find any information but even them can upload any information they want.How do you get a specific RSS from a web page? We don´t really need to add an adder for this application since usually there are plenty of services online that already help you maintain your favourite webpages updated.

Atom is an XML file ised as a web feed also, as same as RSS, actually it is said that Atom is the alternative to RSS 2.0. Actually Atom and RSS are different in lots of ways. Atom includes autodiscovery that allows the aggregators detect the presence of a newsfeed, with Atom each entry has a unique ID, Atom makes a difference in between relative and non-relative summaries, it separates the summary from the content elements. All these things can not be found in the RSS application. It was originally created for blog users as long as for other web side userd to keep them uploaded about newsfeeds. The user can find a atom.xml document and copy the URL in an aggregator so the user can subscribe to the newsfeed.
It is not as well known as RSS but companies like Microsoft decided to include Atom newsfeed to the new Internet Explorer 7. Gmail and Google also use it in some of their applications such as GoogleNews.
To create one the owner of a web page just needs to get an specialized software that publishes a lits of updates. This web source can be downloaded from other web pages that spare the content of the source web or from an adder that lets readers and other users see the source web.

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