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The figure of the author after the creation of the hypertext

septiembre 29th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios

As everybody knows, the author is the person who gives existance to anything and creates or originates something. This figure has changed and evolutioned all along the human history, beginning with the trobadors and poets in the Middle Age, going through the printing and arriving to nowadays and the hypertext.

Appart from that, to be able to understand the text of a book and what it means, the reader must try to comprehend the ego and intentions of the author, try to think what he wanted us to comprehend. In hypertext, these roles are reversed, and this is the essential intellectual challenge for the authors.

The hypertext and the World Wide Web is a colectively written universal text. Moreover, we could say that we are talking about a huge – dimensioned text, which is growing up everyday, thanks to the text and every single written thing made by author all along the world. 

But, we could also say that the Hypertext is “killing” this figure of the author, making it lost its own power. This happens in when a text is published on the Internet, so that way it becomes available to all the Internet surfers and nowadays anyone can copy a document as if it was made or written by him or her.



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