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The Microblog and Networking Websites

noviembre 30th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios

With the innovation of the digital media lots of new communicative genres have been created, between those we find the microblog and social pages.
In the case of the microblog, this is is a multimedia form of blogging, which means that people can update short texts, photos, videos, or even audioclips to share it with anyone or just with an exclusive group of people that they choose. The difference between a microblog and a regular blog is that a microblog is smaller in texts and file size, for example a sentence or a ten second video. A micrblog can go from simple topics till business topics.

But in the case of the social networking websites, focus on helping people interact with each other using people´s information(profiles), social links and lots of other services. The difference with an online comunity is that networking websites usually are persolaized and individual. The types of networking sites are those who show places such as school names, or working places to find friends over the network. Some of the most popular ones are Myspace created in 2005 and Facebook created in 2004. Myspace is considered one of the biggest networking sites.

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