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What is the difference between networks, groups and pages?

noviembre 19th, 2010 · No hay Comentarios

Zuckerberg said that Facebook Groups

has been one of our fastest growing products ever”

But what is the main difference between networks, groups and pages?


We can compare  networks wit h big cities because many different peopl e can live in it, however, the  only thing that these inhabitants have in common is the supposed “city”

In the second place the groups are formed by people wh o h ad things in common, they take part in these groups to share they’re interests with people with the same interests. In this virtual area  members connect, share, collaborate on a given topic or idea.Facebook groups can be created by anyone. They include a display picture, description, contact informa tion, photo and video albums, “Posted Items,” discu ssion board and a “Wall.”

Finally pages can also be created by ANYONE,  but if you go on to create your “Brock University” Facebook Page and you find out that someone else already has created a page called “Brock University,” Facebook promises to determine who actually represents the institution and delete all other pages that are not official.The aim of a page is to share information they do not have an “Email” field, Facebook users therefore have no pathway to communicate privately with the emissary. They can post public discussion threads, or post on the Wall — but they cannot send private messages directly to the institution. Facebook Groups, on the other hand, do include a hyperlinked email field. However, is useful for entities, public figures, companies and organizations to broadcast information to their fans.

Summing up their all are  good alternative tools to emails for web communication but the aim of each one is different .


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