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Which are the main differences between the “e-book” and the traditional book?

octubre 6th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios


Nowadays, is not still ver common to see people using an e-book ( electronic book) in our society. Nevertheless, taking into account the changes of our reading changes,  these new appliances will become very catchy, beacause they have a lot of advantages: more confortable, less expensive, they are ecological…

On the contrary, we find a lot of stauch defenders of the conventional reading, who insist in the idea that they way we read today will never go away, as if the traditional books were a cultural convention almost genetic.

However, imagine if we could have our favorite novel in a small screen and we could hear it while we read some comment of the writer, or while we are watching some different images, or actors or actresses… But, the e-books that we hace today are not still capable to make such a miracle, but they will be. And that day, unfortunatelly,the future of the traditional book would be doomed to lose.

To summarize, in some years, the traditional book will disappear and with them all the bookshops, libraries, textbooks, encyclopedias… Eventhoght it sounds strange, for the next genetarions would be ver normal.




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