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Word Reference

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I want to speak about the WordReference free dictionary because I always use it when I’m looking for the definition of some words that I don’t know.

This dictionary is only used to translate words but no texts. It tooks the terms from famous dictionaries such as ” Espasa Calpe” or -”Oxford” , for this reason it is a great combination of both dictionaries.

For example:

      Oxford dictionary has 100.000 words and phrases with more than 200.000 translattions to many languages.

The Spanish- English dictionary of Espasa Calpe has more than 120.000 words and 250.000 meanings.

  • The ” Diccionario de la lengua española” of Espasa Calpe is a new one which are going to be very useful for Spanish people mostly.
  • The synonymous and antonimous dictionary has 30.000 words and 200.000 synonymous and antonimous.
  • And the rest of dictionaries grow up each day.

It has five dictionaries to use:

English-Spanish (and viceversa)

English- French ( and viceversa)

English- Italian( a.v)

English – German (a.v)

Enflish- Russian (a.v).





Apart from that, in Wordreference you can do selective searches; for example you can look for all the words that keep relaton with “astronomy” just putting the word “astro”. Moreover, you can understand better the words because this dictionary give you some sentences in which the searched word is used. It is fantastic!!

WordReference is much than a symple dictionary, apart from give us the translation and definition of a word it can do much more. It also help people with the conjugations of verbs, and with grammatical features.

I really love this dictionary because it is very helpful. When you don’t undersand a definition the dictionary sometimes ( when the word that you want define is objective)give you an image of that word.

For example if you are looking the definition of movile phone and you don’t understand the explanation, you can click in “images” and the dictionary gives you an image of a mobile phone ( this image is from the google).

For those who want to listen how a word is pronounced, WorfReference have the solution. By clicking on the symbol of the loudspeaker you can listen and know how the searched word is pronounced.

To me, the most important part of this dictionary are the languages forums where people who have a question about language usage, translation, grammar, pronunciation, expressions or even about the etymology of the words and sentences can ask about it to the webmasters ( proffesionals of the language) that are behind the dictionary and they will answer all the questions and give these people solutions. Nowadays there are more than 25.000 supporters of this dictionary. In these forums you can also find languages sush as: Greek, German, Chinese, Turkish, Rumanian and Latin.


You can listen and see how this free dictionary works in this link:


Wordreference dictionary is wonderful because is one of the best programs that Internet has created first of all because you have not to pay for use it, you don’t have to download it, it has conjugate verbs and much more details that you have to see when go into it!




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