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Computational Semantics (2nd questionnaire).

junio 19th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios

The computational semantics is a very well done study about the automating of the process of reasoning and constructing withnatural language expressions and also with meaning representations. It is also extremely important in computational linguistics and natural language processing. It has some topics of interest and some of them are: construction of meaning representations, semantic underspecification and anaphora resolution. There are some other traditional topics, but we are not going to talk about them now.

If there is something that must be said about natural language is that it has meaning. There are no doubts about this. And Semantics is the study of that meaning. The Semantics conducts this study in a formal way and in Computational ones the interest is in using the results of that study.

This is a relatively new discipline and as we have said before it combines formal semantics with computational linguistics and also with automated reasoning.  But we require a fully specified syntax for the fragment to guide the process of constructing semantic representations for that fragment of English.




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