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Developmental linguistics

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 The acquision of a language, is only used by the human beings, because language is the main characteristic that differences  humans from  animals. During the childhood, the period in which we live between infancy and adulthood, we develop our first human  characteristics;  speaking, walking, and understanding, to name but a few ones.

  For language  adquision to develop successfully, it must be an enviroment that allows to communicate socially in that language.

 For the development of a language it’s necesary to know the four main components of a languge: fonology, semantics, grammar, morphology and pragmatics. With all these components, we can use a language correctly and develop it in a good way.

 According to Piaget, the knowledge of the language by a human being depends on his knowledge of the world. And taking the idea of Skiner, the father of the behaviorism: “ L anguage is learned through operant conditioning (reinforcement and imitation).”



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