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Innobasque, the Basque Innovation Agency – Euskal Berrikuntzaren Agentzia is a private non-profit organization created with the aim of being the instrument of coordination and promotion for the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that this organization has an account in almost every social network apart from their own web page.

This agency’s web page, which has a modern design and bright colours, allows visitors to know about Innobasque’s ideals, purposes and actions, as well as giving them the chance to participate in the process of improving the situation of the Basque Country in the field of technology. Actually, the page is very neatly organized in different categories and provides the information in a way that it is likely to make a very good impression on the visitors.

They use Facebook, on the other hand, to promote themselves and other companies or projects that are involved in the agency. At the moment, they have more than 2400 friends in this social network. As for microgblogging, they use Twitter for the same purpose, but they have less than 2000 followers in this one. Innobasque has also an account in LinkedIn, although this is chiefly used by employees to keep in contact among them. If it were not enough, we can also visit this agency in Delicious.

Of course, this company couldn’t pass without both an account in Flickr and YouTube. The former is mainly used to publish photos of sporadic important events, while YouTube is being constantly updated with new videos of interesting interviews made to technology and economic experts, scientific documentaries or promotions.



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