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When I first dreamt of college I knew I wanted  to study literature, I had no doubt. There was of course the fact that, a degree in literature leaves you with just the two options, and as they say “those who can´t do, teach”. That´s it, or rather you are extremely talented and lucky as to live from your books, or you teach, something I dread – ironicaly I ended up in a carreer where 90% ends up in education-.

But at the age of twelve none if this matters. You dream of what is going to be like, what you´ll learn, how your classes will look like and that maybe some day, you say something at home, something extremely cult, which will make your father proud. 

Then when they started to take me seriously and researching my future, we found out that there´s no such thing as Literature as a degree nowhere in Spain The odds of being acceptd in a foreign college without a scollarship are very very low. So I thought that was it.

Luckyly enough for me, a percentage of English Philology focuses on literature so I had to take it. That´s the ral reason why I decided to do this. But for future generations – though I know this article will mean nothing to anyone – I wished the horizons were widened towards what always have been the classic studies. Computers are very practicle and fun, but it seems like everyone has left aside and forgotten the books.

J. Austin


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