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Multiculturalism. The subject of my choice

julio 7th, 2011 · No hay Comentarios

So many cultures can be found coexisting in any place of the world due to globalization. This variety of cultures is called multiculturalism, and has brought both richness and confrontation to our society. In words of Gary K. Clabaugh many cultures partially define themselves via traditional conflicts with, and intolerance of, others. In spite of having different cultures, we have some cultures that are better, and others that are worse.

Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of the society of not doing a maniceist differentiation, there are many posturas that are against multiculturalism. On the other hand:

‘It’s good to be different’ might be the motto of our times. The celebration of difference, respect for pluralism, avowal of identity politics – these are regarded the hallmarks of a progressive, antiracist outlook.

Here there is another cite from Call Thomas, talking about what has inmigration supposed to Britain:

When critics of multiculturalism and unbridled immigration warned of the inevitability of a loss of nationhood and national identity, they were denounced as alarmists, even racists. The late British parliamentarian Enoch Powell suffered such attacks (and earned many kudos) when he repeatedly warned about the dangers of open-ended immigration without assimilation.

Multiculturalism brings confrontation, as it produces fear in the inhabitants of a country. We mix two postures: as in the first quoute, we all are so tollerant and “citezens of the world”, but when comes to real, we are reluctant to them. The concludeing situation would be the so western point of view we can observe in the picture above.

I ofcourse will be not solutionating this issue, as I, as a mere university student, cannot take the place of experts and politicians that have been working in this for years. I’m just condemning this hipocrite and intolerant behaviour. If we really want to live in a multicultural world, we have to believe in it. If we do so, we will manage to do it.


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