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Tabakalera. Web Communication Plan

julio 7th, 2011 · No hay Comentarios

The internet is a very powerful tool nowadays. That’s why many companies, organizations, institutions or what or whoever wants to get to know to others develops a communication plan. And that is the case of Tabakalera. The project is ready and they have the building for their grand opening. Meanwhile, they continue celebrating events and expanding through the net.The logo

When talking about a communication plan, first we have to bear in mind the so popular social networks. Tabakalera has both a page and an account in Facebook. The page is not very popular, but in the account they have lots of friends, some pictures and posts about what they do. In words of Susan Payton an unattended Facebook Page leaves a negative impression, and this account does not give us that impression.

Microblogs are also a very extended. In this web page we can find any thing we want to know about this kind of blogs, discussions on them or which are the most popular ones. The first on this list is Twitter, and of course, Tabakalera has its own account. What we will manage by using these kind of microblogs is to broaden the business network and add contacts. In order to accomplish this, be sure to share useful links and bring value to the audience. Once this is achieved, users are bound to follow. (Preetam Kaushik) With this purpose, Tabakalera tweets events it is hosting, and follows similar projects and organizations.

At last but not least, we have Tabakalera’s conventional web page. It is a very complete page, with explanations of anything you can have a doubt about and links to their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Chanel, and to the blog of their working team.
View of the building

About these final two, the Youtube Chanel and the Blog, just say that the content is simmilar to that in social networks or microblogs, but extended. They have more elaborated and extended texts or a lot of videos related to it. Links to these both can be found either in Facebook or Twitter.


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