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New way of trendding

mayo 30th, 2012 · No hay Comentarios

Zara reinvents Trendding; we have to understand this concept (trendding) as creating trend.Inditex empire, has been able to make this rather difficult task wisely, quikly and efficiently.

Above all with its first store: Zara.It is the most famous spanish brand ,thank to its concept of “fast fashion” which is wearing the world. Almost all of Zara’s central facilities are located in Arteixo and the permanent decision, sice it was created, has been to continue there in Galicia,Spain.

The most important secret of any trendding company and in that case Zara’s industry is: discretion.There are 5000 stores of their different brands: Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterque. Group’s headquarter Zara, born 40 years ago and its last but not least project, is the new opened store in Southafrica, the last country from 80 where it is located.The owner of this empire is Amancio Ortega, the seventh fortune according to Forbes magazine, due to his sucessful business idea.

To discover the secret universe of Zara is a binary strategy:The accesible fashion in a uniform universe and the creativity of its commercial “savoir faire”.So, discretion is key; hermetecism and inscrutability in order to be the first and the only one, in creating “chic objects of desire”.

Each season for times a year, since 40 years ago they have been creating full fashion collections, and each of its articles (bags, skirts ,dresses ,shooes , boots ,belts ,clutches ,jeans ,trowsers ,t-shirts ,shirts ,jumpers ,cardigans ,ties jackets….).

On the other hand, speed is the other secret for their success. Everything is plan in order to make in a record time, to be further closed to trend. Zara’s production is concentrated its 60% in Europe and so, if any article don’t succeed it is automatically replaced by any other.

Nowadays the last exhilarating experience of Zara is the opening stores in Asia and the “online store”; both projects are really hazardous bet. On top of that, “sale volume”has risen up dramatically with those two new experiences.

Zara do not make advertisment in (magazines,publicity walls,news,radio,spots…)they have never invest on this.Despite they have constructed a powerful and personal identity.Now with their Web Communication Plan based on their online stores; but never advertising trougth the net.
An expandig business in Asia has been quikly but also careful, following with the Amancio Ortega’s philosophy of “step by step”.
Finnaly,I wouldn’t finish this post without saying that zara wolud’s exist without “group working”.In their enormous companies fashion designers coexist with models,publicists,dressmarkers,stylers…there are no hierarchies.Nobody orders over otherone.They organized in working-groups, each groups in independent and doesn’t know the group which is carrying out others.Groups are competence between them.So, this working method encourages and motivates workers which have been excelled themselves since many decades ago.
To conclude as we have said before: There are no favouritisms, Coud be this the best keeped secret of Zara’s Success?

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