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Should organizations in Facebook open groups, pages or sites?

junio 8th, 2011 · No hay Comentarios

Zara, Movistar (España), Nokia, Los 40 Principales and Coca-Cola are all companies which have a place on Facebook. All of them are pages, where we can find information about the companies and its products. The companies use them to publicise themselves and attract more customers, and show their last promotions and innovations. It also enable the customers to make suggestions.

According to Dawn Foster post in Fast Wonder blog, this is a definition for company page: “after you are comfortable using Facebook as an individual, you should create a company page. Do not create a personal profile on Facebook for your company. Those look artificial and weird in addition to being outside of what people expect to see on Facebook. A company page lets you provide information about your company along with an event calendar, video, photos, discussion board, and much more. People can then choose to become “fans” of your company, and you can use this page as a lightweight community effort.”

As we will see, all the companies I have chosen follow that principles.

In Zara’s page, there are only photos updates, with the new collections, clothes, and some parties. There’s no information about its stores or shops, just their website, where you can find all that. There is also Youtube videos you can see on the page.

In Movistar España there are more types of publications. On the wall, the updates are about offers, contests, videos, new products… We find a lot of information about the company, as well as the objectives of the page, which are: sharing information, news, gossips, promotions, music, sports, gadgets, resolve problems, make suggestions and proposals… So the customers have a place on the page, and are invited to interact in it. There are also links to other web pages and social networks such as Tuenti or Twitter.

Nokia has mainly the same updating that Movistar, about new products, innovations and contests. In addition to this, there’s also the company’s history and information about its activity, and links to social networks or web pages. There are also different pages for each country with specific information and offers in.

Los 40 Principales page has less information than the other ones, and the main updates are about musical news, there is also a music player, and a link to their home page, where you can listen directly to the radio.

To finish, Coca-Cola’s page has different contents. To begin, it was created by Dusty and Michael J, who were searching a Coca-Cola’s fan page and didn’t find one. There is a part to make questions, another which shows all the Coca-Cola products around the world and we can also find the company’s history. On the wall, the publications are all comments of people who like Coca-Cola. There are photos of concerts, and the “Happiness Truck”, and pictures of people with something related to Coca-Cola (caps, cans, bottles…). We also have information about events.


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