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Syndication formats

junio 28th, 2010 · No hay Comentarios

You may have heared a lot about syndication formats. But do you know exactly what is a syndication format? or why people use it? Probably not. In the past, when we wanted to get information from our favourite site or blog, we would have to go to that specific site and see if it had new changes. However, nowadays, this is not going to happen any more thanks to names like RSS or Atom. Syndication formats say users if there have been changes in the sites in which they have subscribed.

They are very helpful and give us the opportunity to save a lot of time. Many people say that there is a clear relation between the creation of syndication formats and the fact that there were more and more blogs in the internet. There are a lot,  but the most important is called RSS that means Really Simple Syndication. Then, we also have RDF that means Resouce Description Framework and was created by Ramathan V. Guha.  We also have to talk about Atom that is said to be better than RSS. Many people say it has better applications and that one day everybody will use Atom instead of RSS. One of the persons that more defends  this statement is Benjamin Trott who has created many things such as TypePad.

These tool has not been always like we know it right now. It has suffered many changes to provide users a good service. For example,if we return to the past, there was a clear precedent of this kind of thechnology which was the technology “push and pull” . Now, it has changed a lot thaks to  readers like Google Reader, My Yahoo!,  newsgator, bloglines too. We can see the latest changes in all our favourites sites from this reader. The times when we had to surf from one site to another site have finished. Now is the other way round information go to us.


Finally, I would like to say that we can increase the quality of our blogs by putting RSS feeds from other sites related to our blog. If we do that, there will be more information about the same thing connected. RSS is very useful and not only can we communicate better now but also get more information faster. There is a link of a video in the references which I highly recommend because explain very well everything about syndication formats.



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