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The Blog: A new way of writing

diciembre 29th, 2009 · No hay Comentarios

Nowadays, the digital tools are more important than those who are not. 

Using digital tool allows us to do much more movements, since they are in the net we can modify them constantly or add information when we want to.

One of these new tools is known as blog. But what is a blog?

“A blog is a Web site shaped by individual income that contain commentaries, news, videoes, links, knowledge or thoughts of the editor of the blog, which can be extended or commented by the readers of the blog, in the section of commentaries, all that under a strict control of the publisher, who is the one who decides the content that is going to appear in his or her blog. “

There are different types of blogs, here we have a possible way to classify them:

  1. Thematic blog, of politics, news, opinion, etc.: commentaries on the news current importance. The interesting thing in this case is that there is a direct relation among whom he or she writes and hisor her hearing, that it is not half-full for a publisher like in the traditional means. This is good and wrong, to the effect that there is neither a filter nor quality control, but at the same time there is the unique freedom. It has been said also that the bloggers ” we play at being journalists “.
  2. Personal blog: diary of life or diary of trip, with photos or histories.
  3. Collaborative blog: a blog that is written by several persons, as Sushi Knights. The shared thing is the record of users, the tags or classifications of the content and the appearance of the place.
  4. Fotolog: a fotolog is a kind of blog in which he or she does not write himself or herself very much, just a paragraph and the most important of the content is a photo that illustrates a moment of the time or an event.
  5. AudioBlog or Podcast: a blog in which an audio program is published (similar to a radio program) normally of 20-60 minutes of duration and that allows the users to unload it to a device as a portable breeding MP3 player.


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