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enero 14th, 2008 · No hay Comentarios

The abuse of natural resources for our everyday use is a common matter for everyone, especially for organisations like Greenpeace and similar.

There are many things that we can do and have been taught to us like separating our rubbish, recycling, saving water etc. These measures are a step, though tiny, towards restoring the natural balance.

 It would be easy to think that new technologies, such as computers, mobile phones, PDA´s and so on are harmful for our goal. But what if they are not?

The use of e-books could save millions of trees, which would mean the saving of more living creatures than just trees, like little plants and diffrent kind of fungi. It is true that the use of e-books has limitations, for example, they require the use of a specific software which not all computers posses. We should also be prepared to adjust to what an e-book does to the traditional customs with physical books (like lending them to someone else).

But nevertheless, these complications are small and insignificant compared to the state of the enviroment. So I think we should prepare ourself for more products like e-books and just learn to adapt for the sake of the planet.


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