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octubre 19th, 2007 · No hay Comentarios

Electronic machines have stormed into our lives without us noticing, and the young generation is now attatched to mobile phones, laptops, blackberrys…etc.

This led to a new “language”. It´s probably the result of lack of time and the wish to save money. The main rule of this “new language” is the total absence of rules. People write what they want, the way they want to, only caring that the reader understands it.

 Two postures emerged after this phenomenon. One of them, taken by some parents and teachers, is of concern. They think kids and youngsters are forgetting how to write properly, and some kids have admitted to having, unconsciously, used SMS language in their essays.

But there´s another posture, much more relaxed and willing to adapt to the new generation who are trying to write an “SMS language dictionary”. They are trying to rule a language without rules; trying to show how a word´s written when  there´s no specific way to write that word.

 My opinion is that both postures have a point though exaggerated. It might be better to just let it be.


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